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Turtle Splash Cereal!!!

Very excited to share with you all some news. The world's largest organic cereal company, Nature's Path, is launching in the US this week the new "Turtle Splash" cereal with their kids line, EnviroKidz.

This will be their first marine-themed product and every purchase will save a hatchling through our Billion Baby Turtles program. Those funds will go to important turtle nesting beaches around the world to fund beach patrols, equipment, etc. The box also has a bunch of info and sea turtle tips and will encourage people to adopt hatchlings through our program.

We've been working on this for more than a decade and are so excited to see it become a reality. This will help us support more programs around the world and inspire kids to learn about and protect turtles. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for us in the contest last year that I posted on cturtle; turtles ended up with about 50% of the vote (pangolins were second with just 12%)!

Strawberry and chocolate mini turtles, made with organic navy beans, fruit and veggies. It’s delicious, fun, and comes with a free baby sea turtle adoption so your family can help save the turtles!

It will be for sale in Krogers and Target this week and in most major stores in the next couple of months. Hopefully around the world at some point as well.

Turtle Splash Cereal Turtle Splash Cereal
For every bottle of Sea Turtle wine purchased through Coastal Beverage in our area,
Weibel Family Vineyards and Coastal Beverage will make a donation to the Sunset Beach Sea Turtle Watch.


Check this link for other locations to purchase: seaturtlewines.com/locations/

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